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  1. Alexname is Mike Shriver and I own bison billiards (formerly Bogie billiards) out of the Buffalo, N.Y.area. each year I bring in two pro players to do an exibition. Are you interested in playing here April 30th -May1st. With Darrin Appleton. Last year I had Strickland and Hatch. Please let me know.

  2. Hey Alex
    I just had a lesson with your countryman Roland Garcia in my new home, Pattaya, Thailand.
    He pretty much lives here now too.
    He was helping me put more power in my draw shots. Great guy.
    Darren Appleton has been to Pattaya many times. Another class act. Ask him about it when you see him in China. lol
    Maybe you guys could have a little vacation here after the tourney and do some exhibition matches.We are not that far and ….That would be AWESOME!
    Roland has backers here but he already said he won’t play you hahaha (don’t tell him I told you that!)
    But hes in money matches regularly. spots the retired westerners the world and destroys them.
    oh yeah one more thing … would you know the link for the stream of the chinese 8 ball tourney?

    1. Hi Gordon! I can’t make it to China coz the person who took all my info is nowhere to be found until to this day and also I’m a little sick. A tip about draw shots, you need the pool muscle which you will get from playing a lot and it will come naturally. About thee Exhibition, here is my email alexplion25@gmail.com email me what’s in your mind and we go from there. Take care and say Hi to Roland for me. 🙂

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