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  1. I watched you play Chinese 8 Ball on CCTV 5 last night. I have never seen your hair Gel’ed up so high before (like a Lion)? Was wondering… did the Chinese TV guys get you to do it like that? To make you play past midnight… going to penalty shots… then playing again 9am the next day… brutal!
    ps: I’m a Singaporean working in China. Have been a fan for many years already… like your style. Surprised that you came to China to play this game.

    1. No they didn’t. I just felt like doing it at that time and besides I have my hair like that before specially when my kids give me a hard time..lol.. 🙂

  2. The best all around player in the world!
    nice web site but we still want more!!!!
    I want to know whan you eat, sleep , practice and mental game?
    And good luck at every table.

    1. Thanks Bud! 🙂
      My good looking friend did it and he loves pool also “but pool doesn’t love him though, joke lang..love u bro”
      I will get on top of it
      Stay tuned

  3. Hey Alex – congratulations on MOT number 2!
    Derby city best tournament of the year.
    …and you my man have the best cueball in the world!

    What tourneys are you playing next?
    Any challenge or money matches coming up?
    Is there anyone who will match up with you?

    1. Yes, I have some cues for sale but unfortunately the cues on the website has a waiting list on them ‘coz those cues are the first line of my cues that has my personal signature on the wood and sealed..if you are interested leave your contact info and I will let you know when there are cues available. Thanks. 🙂

    1. I’m 37. My favorite player? It’s got to be Shane Van Boening coz not only he plays awesome but he’s also a gentleman on the table. He just plays the game, no BS not like some great American players.

  4. Hello Alex, was wondering if you had any plans to play in the New York area this year? Maybe the Turning Stone Classic? I’m a long time fan and have always wanted to watch a match in person. Keep up the good play and enjoy your day!

  5. Hi Alex, I have been watching you for quite a while and I really enjoy you, you are quite the character! I live in Orlando, Fl. and would love to come watch you in person. Do you have anything scheduled in Central Florida? I really hope you do and I could come see you play!!

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