8 thoughts on “My Carmeli Cues

  1. Hey Alex, hope your doing well. Just had a quick question… Do u prefer pro taper or European style shafts (straight taper)? And what diameter do u prefer?

  2. Alex what can I do to stay down on my shot. Fee some reason I can’t over come jumping up, it costs me a game every time it happens.

  3. Spectacular cue Alex.
    Is it paired with the builders shaft or did Carmeli use a blank from Predator, OB or…?
    Is there any specific criteria for the makers cue you select to play with, and what do
    you look for charactaristics wise in a cue – Thanks Alex, big fan since 1991 when I first saw you in the CAN/US 9 Ball Border Battle at D&B in Mississauga- all the best.

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