Good Day everyone!

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Good Day everone! I just walked 3.2 miles not bad but usually I walk 4.5- 5 miles every other day.. I had oatmeal for breakfast old fashion, its really good for you. it gives me energies and makes feel good right away

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  1. Hey alex . remember te tournament olmost 2 yeas ago in holland? We are the crazie belguim guys. Wel i just have a question, this year in december we have en big tournament in belguim in our town and i would like you to see you here. I rhink its just after the mosconu cup. We can have a good laugh with me and my filipian friend anthony ibanez see ya in belguim hopfely. And sorry for my english its not so good and we aranged everting let me now

    1. Of course I remember you guys. I had fun in Holland although I got my ass kicked by the I had a good time with you guys. About your tourney in Belgium, give me all the details and maybe we can do something. Take care and keep in touch. 🙂

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