The Lion’s Share

Alex Pagulayan's impressive resumé continues to grow each year as he builds on his hall of fame status.  He is generally regarded as one of the very best all round players in the sport today.



The following is a growing list of his tournament wins to date:

·  2016 Derby City Classic World All round Champion

·  2016 Derby City Classic One Pocket Champion

·  2015 3rd Annual Big Tyme Classic 9-ball bar table champion

·  2015 3rd Annual Big Tyme Classic one pocket champion

·  2015 Professional one pocket Buffalo's billiards 2000 entry Champion

·  2015 World all around Champion

·  2015 Derby city one pocket champion

·  2013 Derby City Classic 9-ball Champion, Indiana USA

·  2012 Accu-Stats "Make it Happen" Invitational Champion, NJ

·  2012 Southern Classic 9-ball Champion, Tunica, Miss.

·  2012 South Classic 10-ball Champion, Tunica, Miss.

·  2012 Canadian Snooker Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2012 Canadian 9-ball Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2012 Canadian 8-ball Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2012 Jay Swanson Memorial 9-ball Champion, L.A.,  USA

·  2011  Derby City Classic Bankpool Champion, Indiana, USA

·  2011 Canadian Snooker Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2011 Jay Swanson Memorial 9-ball Champion, L.A., USA

·  2008 World Pool Masters Champion, Las Vegas, NV. USA

·  2008 Guinness Tour 9-ball Champion, SINGAPORE

·  2007 World Summit of Pool Champion, Las Vegas, NV., USA

·  2007 Canadian 9-ball Tour Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2007 Negros Oriental Int. 9-ball Champion, PHILIPPINES

·  2006 Philippine National 9-ball Champion, Manila, PHILIPPINES

·  2005 Philippines Snooker Team Gold Medalist, SEA Games

·  2005 US Open 9-ball Champion, Chesapeake, VA, USA

·  2005 Derby City Classic 10-ball Ring Game Champion, Kentucky, USA

·  2005 SML Entertainment Open 9-ball Champion, Calgary, CANADA

·  2004 WPA World 9-ball Champion, Taipei, TAIWAN

·  2004 Canadian National 9-ball Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2003 Joss Tour Grand Final Champion, New Bedford, MA. USA

·  2003 Canadian National 9-ball Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2003 Carolinas Open 9-ball Champion, Goldsboro, NC, USA

·  2003 WPA World Tour Champion, Tokyo, JAPAN

·  2003 IBC Western Canadian Open 9-ball Champion, Toronto, CANADA

·  2002 World Pool Trick Shot Champion, NETHERLANDS

·  2000 Molson Cup 10-ball Champion, Montreal, CANADA

·  1999 Sands Regency Open 9-ball Champion, Reno, NV, USA

Notable Achievements

From the time that Alex started competing professionally he has never been ranked outside the top 16 on the recognized worldwide money list. His highest official ranking was number 2 in 2004 when he won the WPA World 9-ball title and number 4 in 2003 when he was the finalist in that same event.

He has countless worldwide television appearances as both a player and a celebrity personality.  His career earnings in cue sports have now exceeded U.S. $ 1.5 Million.

Apart from Alex Pagulayan's success in the sport he has the distinction of having no less than 126 top ten finishes in major recognized pool tournaments including a runner up finish in the US Open 9-ball Championships and the WPA World 9-ball Championships in 2003.  He then went on to capture both titles within a couple years of these two runner-up performances.


Derby City Classic 2016 One Pocket Champion